Volunteer for the 2017 BOO! Parade

We need MANY volunteers to host an event of this size and scope. If you are 18 years old or older, or a local  college student looking for community service hours, The Boulevard BOO! Parade is the most fun you can have for Community Service!

Volunteers Receive:

In exchange for volunteering for the BOO! Parade you will receive 1 BOO! Event Staff t-shirt, water during your shift, and a letter recognizing your community service hours for the event.

Volunteer Positions:


  • Keep traffic from entering the closed roads
  • Maintain the barrier during event 

Block Captains:

  • Oversight of barricade volunteers 

Staging Guides:

  • Assist Parade Director in organizing the participants in your staging area 

Parade Monitors:

  • Assist the Parade Guides in monitoring the flow of the parade. Will maintain a stationary position along the parade route, encouraging constant movement by the parade entries

Parade Guides:

  • Direct the flow of the parade. Keep participant groups from crowding each other, or delaying the progress.
  • Will move along the route with the parade entries, managing the pace of the parade 

 De-Staging Area:

  • Guide participants off the parade route

Miscellaneous Parade Assistance:

  • Used where needed in the parade to include balloon handlers, banner carriers, or Mini Floats

 Announcer Assistants:

  • Assist the parade announcer throughout the parade

Section Sponsor Banner Bearers:

  • Carry assigned sponsor banner in the parade
  • SMILE!

**Please note; we are seeking individuals who are 21+ to fulfill these volunteer positions. Positions for minors are very limited.Please contact assistantdirector@collegeareabid.com with any questions regarding age limitations**

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