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Please select your top three (3) preferences for volunteer positions. Please understand that we may not be able to give you one of your preferred positions; however, we will make every attempt to accommodate your request. If you are representing a group of volunteers only one application is needed for the group. Please indicate the number of volunteers your group will be providing on the line indicated above. Please note that we will be dependent upon you providing at least that number of people for the event. Some volunteer positions are age restricted; if you are assigned one of these posts, we may ask to see your driver's license prior to the event. If you select one of these duties, we will contact you to verify that you are of suitable age to perform that volunteer job. We have 200 volunteers to manage the parade, and not everyone will be assigned their preferred duty. However, we will try to accommodate you and your group's needs and preferences to the best of our abilities. If you have a specific request regarding the volunteer duties below, please indicate in the space provided. Select which job duties you (and your group) would like to do.

Terms and Conditions I have read and accept the terms and conditions listed below.I hereby agree to be a volunteer for the 2017 Boulevard BOO! Parade. I will conduct myself in a manner that will positively reflect my community, and the producer of this event, the College Area Business District. I will attend the mandatory Volunteer Workshop on Thursday, October 26, 2017. I will arrive to work at my indicated time ( 8:00 am) and stay through the end of my shift.

Volunteer Receives:

In exchange for volunteering for the BOO! Parade you will receive 1 BOO! Event Staff t-shirt, water during your shift, and a letter recognizing your community service hours for the event.

Volunteer Job Descriptions:


  1. Keep traffic from entering the closed roads
  2. Maintain the barrier during event (18+)

Block Captains

  1. Oversight of barricade volunteers (18+)

Staging Guides:

  1. Assist Parade Director in organizing the participants in your staging area (18+)

Water Dispersal

  1. Disperse water delivered in cases to the individual participants lined up in staging areas

Parade Guides/Flow Monitors

  1. Direct the flow of the parade. Keep participant groups from crowding each other, or delaying the progress (18+)

Terminus Area

  1. Guide participants off the parade route

Miscellaneous Parade Participant Assistance

  1. Used where needed in the parade to include balloon handlers, banner carriers, or push carts.

Technical Assistants to Announcers (Podiums)

  1. Assist the parade announcer throughout the parade

Section Sponsor Banner Bearers

  1. Carry assigned sponsor banner in the parade
  2. SMILE!