Board of Directors

Board President
Paul Russo

BOO! Parade Committee Chair
Russo Properties Ltd./Campus Plaza

Vice President
Tyler Blair
The Washboard Laundry 

Vice President II
Harold Webber
Webber Properties

Vice President III
Amir Rezai

I. Q. Graphics

Tony Konja
Keg and Bottle 

Mike Trunzo
MAD Committee Chair
Brian’s Scholars Foundation

Marc Bennett
Pappy’s Barber Shop 

Nicole Lewis
Platt College 

Teri Featheringill
Business Development Committee Chair
Featheringill Mortuary

Pat Geary
Property Owner

Dave Hargreaves
Cerberus Moto 

Alex Mickle
AVM Properties 

Lynn Owens
Marketing Committee Chair
Owens Chiropractic

Lillian Palmer
Property Owner 6818-6824 El Cajon

Meghan Riva
Barkin’ Dales Dog Wash & Boutique

Amir Rezai
I. Q. Graphics

Bruce Robertson
College Ave Baptist Church

Martin Samo
Commercial Property Owner

Full Board Roster